Universal Router Guide

What does the U.R.G. do?

Any standard router fits between two pieces of aluminium angle that are fixed to an aluminium box and the timber being machined is clamped in three self-centring vices. It is used in conjunction with a router to machine grooves.

Improve learning outcomes in practical woodwork classes - The U.R.G. allows students to complete projects quicker and safer than traditional methods of construction so they have time to incorporate emerging technology like laser cutters, CNC Shark, inlays and dovetails in draws.

Project Ideas
We have included a selection of great project ideas that can be used in conjunction with the Universal Router Guide.
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Information Video

Information Video

OnGuard Safety

Risk Assessment

Roger Roberts, a machine safety expert employed by the Department of Education, has completed a risk assessment on the URG.

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Patent Pending

Application Number - 2017213561
Design Examination - 201617381

Safety Use Form

Safe Use PDF

Woodworker Article

Woodworker Article

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Australian Woodsmith Article

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